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'Beyond Bayfields'

Our Purpose

To advance the education of those in need
in the subject of eye care

Bayfields Opticians has always been an education-focused organisation. We have
sought to educate our clients’ understanding of eye care, so that they can better appreciate the significance of vision.


More recently we branched out to holding educational talks at local schools and universities to raise awareness on the importance of eye health. We created ‘Beyond Bayfields’ to increase the impact of the work we do, by widening our outreach to a global scale to advance the education of more people in need.


Beyond Bayfields is funded entirely by voluntary contributions and with your help, we will do whatever it takes to improve eye care around the world!

Our Current Focus


Ninimba's Story


In 2009 Ninimba Tamba Lebbie was carefully selected to be one of the first students to pass the Optometry Technician training programme in Gambia. Ninimba not only graduated with a Distinction, but he was also awarded Best Overall Practical Sudent despite having no previous optical experience!

Ninimba feels honoured to have refracted over 7,500 Sierra Leoneans with a need for vision correction. He has also dispensed over 2,500 spectacles whilst working for the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone. Although the opportunity has brought a great sense of achievement, Ninimba believes he has even more to offer his country.


Sierra Leone

As a post war country, Sierra Leone has a lot of hurdles to overcome and limited access to eye care,especially refractive error services. Uncorrected refractive errors are the second greatest reason for impaired vision and the third greatest reason for blindness. All that is needed to combat this is a simple pair of spectacles with the correct prescription.

“The national eye care programme only has one Optometrist for a population of six million leaving 84% of Sierra Leoneans with
uncorrected vision.”


Ninimba's Dream

Through his own initiative, Ninimba has been accepted onto the third year of a four year Bachelor of Clinical Optometry Programme at Amity University Haryana in India. Once qualified as an Optometrist Ninimba will be granted the right to work independently, have the skills to better diagnose eye conditions and be able to support improving vision in Sierra Leone at the highest level.

Becoming an Optometrist will also give Ninimba a stronger voice when national eye care policies are discussed. This means that politicians will be more likely to recognise uncorrected vision errors as a dire problem to be addressed.

How can you help?

To make Ninimba’s dream a reality, we need to collectively raise just £14,000 over three
years. Please support us in reaching this target as soon as possible by giving generously today. There are Beyond Bayfields charity buckets on reception in every Bayfields Opticians. You can hand donations into whichever Bayfields practice is most convenient for you. Click here to find out where your nearest Bayfields Opticians is, and for opening times.

Working Together

We are extremely fortunate in this country to have the technology, training and resources needed to provide a well-established eye care profession. Others are not so lucky. If we can work together to provide even one more Optometrist to a country in such dire need, we can positively impact the lives of so many.

Over the next three years, Beyond Bayfields’ 1st project will be fundraising to support one man’s journey through university to changing the future of eye care for his nation. But this cannot be done without your support and backing.

With your help, we hope that we can achieve this end goal before three years are up! The sooner we reach it, the sooner we can improve eye care in Sierra Leone, and the sooner we can begin to help another cause.

Thank you for your contributions. 

Get Involved


If every eye care client donated just £1 to their new pair of spectacles, we’d reach our goal in no time!

Participate in Events

Beyond Bayfields plans on holding a series of fundraising events over the next three years to help Ninimba. We will keep you posted on the details of these events via email. You can support Beyond Bayfields by attending, helping to fundraise and/or giving generously at these events.

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Request a charity bucket to raise funds
  • Monetary donations
  • Sponsor or hold a fundraising event


More Information


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