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The legend of Lacoste derives from Rene Lacoste who created the classic, polo shirts, thus revolutionizing men's fashion.

Since 1933, Lacoste has branched out vastly so that today, it's collection includes clothing for men, women and children, as well as footwear, fragrances, leather goods, eyewear, watches, belts, home textiles and mobile phones.

The brand is centred around a leisure-rich, sporty lifestyle. So its products reflect a relaxed, comfortable and preppy look with a clean and elegant finish.

Similarly, Lacoste eyewear is equally comfortable, casual and stylish, with hints of unconventionality in the range of colours available.


Who's wearing them:

Actress - Kirsten Stewart

Tennis champion - Andy Roddick

'Heroes' TV star - James Kyson Lee

Olympic gold medallist - Lindsey Vonn






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