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Oakley is an international, iconic sports and lifestyle brand. Its original design pioneered the revolution of eyewear from being seen as a generic, obligatory accessory to vital, fashionable equipment. Its main ethos is to constantly challenge the limits of conventionality with innovation.
In 1975, founder Jim Jannard told sceptics, “Everything in the world can, and will be made better – the question is by whom?” Jim then went on to form the Oakley brand, which reinvented sunglasses for sports. Iconic designs include ‘The Time-Bomb’, ‘Blades’, ‘The Eye Jacket’, ‘Sub-Zeros’ and ‘X-Metal’. Donned by a multitude of world-class sports competitors, Oakley is the ultimate mark of excellence for those who cannot and will not compromise on performance.


Who's wearing them:

Actress - Kirsten Dunst
Singer - John Mayer
Supermodel - Kate Moss
Actress - Jessica Alba
Rocker - Alice Cooper
Actor - Taylor Lautner


Oakley's Professional Athletes:

F1 Driver - Fernando Alonso
Snowboarder - Shaun White
Golfer - Rory McIlroy
Motorcycle Racer - Valentino Rossi
Triathlete - Helen Jenkins
Tennis player - Sam Stosur
Road Bicycle Racer - Kristin Armstrong
Racing Cyclist - Lizzie Armitstead



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