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Paul Smith working in fashion was a complete accident, at 16 with no career plans or qualifications, after a bike accident he became friends with some students from the local art college. They talked of Mondrian, Warhol, Kokoshka, David Bailey and listened to the Rolling Stones, Miles Davies and more. It was then Paul knew he wanted to be a part of this colourful world of ideas and excitement. From 1970 to 1976 with the aid of his wife Pauline Denver, he made it from his first boutique in Nottingham to showing his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label. Within 20 years of his introduction to fashion Paul Smith had established himself as the pre-eminent British designer.


Paul Smith has the ability to anticipate, and even spark off trends not only in fashion but in the wider context of popular culture. He manages to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics. His love of tradition and the classics was shown when he started stocking Oliver Peoples Eyewear in his store in London in 1989. As he was expanding his collections through various licenses and desired eyewear, Paul Smith decided that there would be no better fit than Oliver Peoples. He knew of their ability to produce eyewear using the highest quality materials and an exclusive marketing philosophy.

The Paul Smith Spectacles collection combines the whimsical yet classic designs and attention to detail synonymous with Paul Smith, along with the outstanding artistry and optical expertise of Oliver Peoples. The collection reflects the spirit of Paul Smith, whose roots are clearly English with the original collection reflecting the forms and shapes inspired by 1960's and 70's London. In contrast, the colours and treatment of the materials found in the collection reflect the offbeat and sometimes-peculiar style of Paul Smith clothing.

Paul Smith Spectacles are handcrafted of the finest materials and the designs are precisely engineered to offer the most comfortable fit to each wearer. At the heart of the collection is colour. A vibrant jewel tone, an interesting metal, or a multi-layered acetate: colour is always the central theme. Thought the collection has several outstanding metal designs, Paul Smith Spectacles is credited for the revival of plastic frames.

Paul Smith Spectacles are used by Paul Smith himself in his runway collections; he recently used them in his Spring Summer '11 Paris runway. Paul Smith Spectacles have been features in fashion magazines worldwide including American Vogue, Grazia in Thailand, the German Freundin Magazine and many more. It's not only the fashion world that rate his eyewear - the celebrity world does too. Anyone that rates themselves high up in the style stakes in Hollywood has been seen wearing them from the likes of Ashley Oslen to Jennifer Lopez. Check out the collection for yourself in practice today. 

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Also worn by Actor & Rapper - Jamie Foxx




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