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Today, Ray-Ban is arguably the best selling eyewear brand in the world. The inspirational root of this iconic brand spans across a wide range of eras. The 60s' revolutionary 'pop' culture brought Ray-Ban into the fashion industry, with celebrities opting for Ray-Ban as part of their look. The Beatles wore Ray-Ban aviatosr as part of their much coveted look. By the 80s, Ray-Ban were a must have for the Hollywood elite and a brand on every household's lips. Featuring in a plethora of blockbuster films, Ray-Ban has been used in Top Gun, Men in Black, Reservoir Dogs, Daredevil, Risky Business and Sahara.

At Bayfields, we stock Ray-Ban spectacles and sunglasses, as well as Ray-Bans' junior sunglasses range.

Who's wearing them:

Pop/Soul icon - Adele

Pop icon - Britney Spears

Actor - Robert Pattinson

Country singer - Taylor Swift

Actress - Katie Holmes

Actress - Anne Hathaway



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