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'contact lenses'

The fact is that most people CAN wear contact lenses.

For those with busy or active lifestyles, wearing contact lenses can have a
big and positive impact on day-to-day life.


Try, or re-try contact lenses for a 'new you'.

Just as we now laugh at how big and bulky mobile telephones used to be…so has contact lens technology moved on in the same way! Ease of use and comfort factor have improved in leaps and bounds over the last decade, along with a vast improvement in the range available from daily disposables to cool colours for a really striking new look.


Free Trial: come and see just how cool and comfy disposable lenses are these days ….or come and try for the first time!


Here are our favourite reasons why you should try or re-try contact lenses:

  • Freedom to choose between glasses or contact lenses
  • Freedom to choose everyday wear or just for special/sporting occasions
  • Better peripheral vision than with glasses
  • Won't fall off or slip down when you play sports
  • Great range choice to suit your lifestyle: Daily/weekly/monthly disposables, continuous wear, moisture rich, 'healthy' silicone hydrogel lenses – technology really has now given you an amazing choice to fit your lifestyle perfectly
  • Toric lens options for those with astigmatism 
  • Lenses to help with presbyopia and myopia
  • Bayfields are experts in Varifocal and Multi-focal lenses – yes they really do work! 
  • Can help you create a brand new image - wearing contact lenses can be the first step in an image make-over or update
  • Exciting choice of coloured contact lenses for a really different 'look' and fashion statement!
  • Feel more relaxed and confident when socialising or exercising
  • Many offer UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays


Bayfields Specialist Contact Lens Optometrists

Professional eyecare of the highest standard is our priority. At Bayfields Opticians we recognise that everyone is an individual and our Specialist Contact Lens Optometrists will be happy to advise you on the lenses most suitable to your lifestyle and your needs.


Custom Contact Lens Fitting

When you are fitted with your contact lenses, our specialist contact lens Optometrist takes a measurement of the front surface of your eye (the cornea). This is done by measuring 2 points.
At Bayfields Opticians we often like to do things a little different. For example, for custom contact lenses, instead of measuring the usual 2 points, our Optometrists measure 86,000 points using specialised instrumentation. This gives a much more individual and accurate result, which provides you with ultra-improved comfort.



Book a FREE Disposable Contact Lens consultation and trial

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