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Bayfields Promise:

"to determine the best solutions, for unique lifestyles, through complete and world class eye care".

Simply put, our aim is to help you look good in your glasses and ensure you have optimum vision at the same time.


Choosing your glasses

Your face shape, hair colour and skin tone can dramatically affect the final look of your eyewear, as can your prescription. We have a fantastic range of mens, ladies and childrens glasses to choose from, with frames to suit every combination and budget.
But don't worry, our friendly team will talk you through the combination of your frame and lenses, to ensure that you take home great looking glasses.


Designer and Fashion Glasses

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At Bayfields Opticians, we have selected to stock a variety of exclusive, designer spectacles. These range from the popular, fashionable high street frames to more custom-made, niche products. Styles include rimless glasses and aviator glasses and up to the minute trends such as 'cats eye' shapes and colours.

So whatever 'look' you are wanting to create, we make sure we can always provide you with the best options possible. Take a look at our top brands and celebrity glasses section to whet your appetite


Sports Glasses

If you are a sports enthusiast then you need very careful consultation on the most effective solution for your sporting activities.

Our expert teams will show you how proper eyewear can help improve your game, protect your eyes from injury, and help you look cool while you play. We help you pick the best eyewear and eyecare for your sport or recreational activity for peak performance, comfort, and reliability. 


Kids glasses

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Choosing the right glasses for your child is crucial - your main objective is they wear them, their main objective is to not get teased by other kids and 'being cool' for older children and teens.

The team at Bayfields will take all the stress out of this situation for you and will work on a combination of lens, frame material (needs to be durable!), ultra comfy fit on your child's face, nose and ears and a great choice of shapes and styles, including designer frames for the very fashion-conscious.


Reading Glasses

It is a natural aging process to need help for reading and close up work, usually by your mid to late 40s. As you notice these subtle changes - holding your book or newspaper or mobile phone further and further away from you, text starting to appear fuzzy and blurred - this is exactly the point at which you need to come to Bayfields for an eye examination. Diagnosing the extent of your new reading capability and ensuring you have your exact prescription for each eye (they are rarely the same in each eye) is vital for your eye health.

Off the shelf 'ready readers' are widely available in many retail outlets and Bayfields would like to offer the following advice:
• Ready Readers are not to your exact prescription - they are the same for both eyes - and may therefore cause eye strain and even further vision issues
• Ready Reader lens materials are usually of an inferior quality (hence the low cost).
• When Bayfields fit your prescription lens, it is vital that the lens is centred with your pupil to ensure maximum eye comfort and minimum eye effort - Ready Readers have a standard lens centralisation which may not be in alignment with your pupil and again cause eye strain.

If in doubt simply call us for help and advice and book an eye examination so we can carefully assess your individual eye needs.



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