What is the average day like for an Operations Manager at Bayfields?  

No 2 days in Op’s are ever the same and I love it for that! After being in practice for over 10 years my role suits me down to the ground so I never get bored! One day I could be gutting a practice ready for it to start refurbishment and the next I could meeting with suppliers reviewing new product. 

The operations department is the go to place for a varied amount of things in the business. We cover Process, Systems, IT, Repairs & Maintenance just to name a few so you are always on the go and thinking on the spot is a key trait for us in Op’s.

What is your favourite thing to do in your job role?

Get stuck in and working in the trenches with the teams in practice. I love a refurbishment when you see the amazing changes we make and our teams faces when they see the practice finished for the first time and put it back together as their new home.

What do you think about progression routes? 

I think we are really great at offering promotions and career progression out to our internal team. If a member of our team has the desire to progress there are huge opportunities for them they just have to want them!

How is Bayfields different to other employers?

We have a real love for our team and each and every persons opinion counts. We are a company that really wants to hear the feedback and be able to make the best decisions around it.



What is your favourite part of your role? 

Not being in the same place. I love being able to travel around the country and meet all of our team and knowing that most days you make a difference to someone.