What is the average day like for a Bayfields Optometrist?

First thing every day is the solutions meeting. We brain storm what we already know about the clients and what solutions we can offer them based on unique lifestyles. For example if they have particular symptoms or if their eye examination is early then there may be a reason, which we can look at solutions for. Certain things are quite rare, for example swimming masks, so it could be something you can highlight in the meeting so we can prepare before the eye examination. Also, unusual conditions you might want to research first.

As an optom, we find the best solutions for people with unique lifestyles. We are improving vision in whatever way they need, be that spectacles or contact lenses. We make sure eyes are healthy and that there are no signs of potential issues, in the eyes or otherwise.

When we come across issues, we would then decide if the client needs to be seen by a GP or else we make a referral. Conditions we can treat ourselves, we will work with the client to resolve. If it’s not necessary to make a referral to the GP then we can refer to a pharmacist (eg things like hayfever), we try to avoid GP referrals where we can. More serious conditions would be straight to hospital.

Emergency referrals would be chased up, we would see if we can be of any more support and see if we can help explain any more for them.


What is your favourite part of your job?

Clients coming back to say thank you – from spectacles to contact lense fittings when they are told elsewhere they couldn’t have them, or an eye condition that you picked up. It’s having a positive impact on someone else, you really can tell you’ve had a positive impact.

How are we different to other employers?

We’re good at giving you time to deal with things. Time to spend with clients and look at issues, so you don’t miss anything. We have great equipment and machines I’d never worked with before.
We have a client based journey from the start, it’s a different environment to most opticians.