What is a typical day like for a Bayfields Practice Manager?

I motivate the team with a morning scrum then get set up for the day. We have a solutions meeting (if dispensing), where we find best solutions before the client arrives.
We have the management scrum – feedback from solutions meetings and any stuck points.
I go through emails.
Depending on the day I would normally be dispensing.
I forward plan – forecasting, moving clinics, approving holidays.
I complete one to ones with the team.


Take part in / provide any training needed – eg lens training on new products, things which weren’t working from the previous week, client feedback, what we can be doing better (for the practice managers meeting).
Diary management – making sure the diary smart booked.
I meet with reps about our stock.


What is your favourite thing about your job role?

Win! When everything is going well, the team happy and we’re on track.
Laos, when I’m in a meeting, and people are bouncing ideas around which you can mold so everyone is involved and happy.

A Bayfields Practice Manager helping a client


What do you think about progression routes?

Definitely options, and routes to explore – side stepping too.

How are we different to other employers?

Our values set us aside form others. It is the first place I’ve worked with a clear vision and value, it keeps you focused. Development here is better.