Vista B hearing aids have been thoughtfully designed for optimum wearing comfort and ease of use.

Slim on top for a comfortable fit with a tactile multifunction button for seamless use.

Each rechargeable Vista B product comes with a convenient charging case so that you can quickly recharge your hearing aids, and make the most of your new hearing solution.
Staying Connected.

Vista B seamlessly connects via Bluetooth®, so you can stream audio, calls, or digital assistants directly into your hearing aids, controlling your media with just a tap.

Personalised, just for you.

The Hearing Remote app allows you to boost speech or listening comfort in any given moment, as well as select and customise pre-set programs designed for your unique lifestyle.

One of our friendly & highly qualified Audiologists can even make adjustments remotely, so wherever you are, you'll always be able to have an excellent listening experience.
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With Vista B, enhanced convenience and personalisation are
in the palm of your hands.

Speak to a member of our Audiology Team to find out more about Vista B, and whether it could be the right hearing solution for your hearing needs.

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