Why 2 is better than 1

31 January
There are many occasions when our primary pair of glasses just aren’t enough for our lives, and as a Be You member, you can have Buy One Get One Half Price across our designer ranges all year round, making it an even better investment!

We all have a favourite outfit, that one that makes you feel like a star every time you wear it, but that doesn’t mean we’d want to wear it ceaselessly every day of the year. It’s the same with glasses, you can love your frames and think they’re great, but having a second option is never a
bad thing.

Having a second pair of glasses goes beyond style and a little bit of extra choice, because there are times when our beloved first frames just aren’t right for the job. It also gives you a feeling of permission to explore the bolder elements of your style. If you see that pair of glasses that you
wish you were brave enough to wear every day, but you know wouldn’t be right for your more serious moments, then having them as a second pair is a great way to experiment with your style.

Over time you’re likely to learn that you are ready to wear a brighter pair of frames every day, but easing into a new style is usually more comfortable than jumping in head first. Speaking of jumping in head first…

For active days
When you’re immersed in your favourite hobby (it could be a weekend game of football, a caving adventure, or a fraught tennis match) a pair of stylish but less sturdy frames just isn’t right for you.

Having a dedicated pair of glasses for your more physically active days removes some of the stress and worry that many glasses wearers experience. If they get scratched or scuffed (or worst case scenario break), it’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. You can still go about your
daily life, which leads nicely onto…

For work
In some careers being without a pair of glasses isn’t an option. It could be that you’re a health care professional, a driver of some kind, working with heavy machinery or working in front of a computer for the entire day. No matter which box you tick, being without great vision just isn’t an
option, and though a second pair of glasses may have an initial cost (though it’s halved for Be You members!) if it saves you time, stress and a few days without work, then the investment quickly pays off.

For good weather
Whether it’s a bright, sunny afternoon spent in the garden, or a day on the ski slopes, or when lazing out on a beach somewhere, a pair of sunglasses are a must. We protect our skin from UV rays with suncream, UV coatings and dark lenses help protect our eyes. But many glasses wearers will have experienced the difficulty of trying non-prescription sunglasses when they were younger. It could have led to a slight fuzziness to your vision or a near total loss of your depth perception, either way, high street sunglasses just don’t cut the mustard.

It’s a sad lesson to learn at the time, but your eyes are worth investing in, and they deserve to be as well equipped as any other part of your body.

For dedicated tasks
If you only need to wear glasses when you’re reading or driving then having a dedicated pair for each task makes you far less likely to lose or forget to bring your glasses along with you. Pop a pair in your glove box and make this the place your glasses live and you suddenly remove
something from your ‘must remember’ list before you leave the house.

Whatever the reason is for you, having a second pair of glasses just makes life that bit easier, more comfortable and more stylish.