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Chloe Darson continues gigging with contact lens

"My name is Chloe Darson and I came to Bayfields Opticians for an eye test, on my arrival the staff were polite and helpful and it wasn't long before I was seen. Sunny was my optometrist she was thorough, informative and very friendly. During the eye test Sunny was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed in regards to glasses and even contact lenses. I explained I'd never tried contact lenses before as I was quite scared to try them, but would like to overcome my fear as I'd love to be able to go on stage and sing in front of people. She was very reassuring and helpful and explained the benefits, as well as discussing the free trial with me. I opted for the free trial and each time I came the staff were patient and dedicated to helping me accomplish wearing contact lenses. After many trials I was final able to put the contacts in and out, it was an outstanding achievement and I couldn't have done it without all the staff including Sunny, Jayne, Maria and Rob at Bayfields. The first time I wore them for a singing gig was a huge confidence boost for me, as I was able to get up there with ease. I would like to thank everybody at Bayfields for there outstanding customer service and genuine care."

Chloe Darson  


A loving email from a lovely client

Wakefield Eye Care Client Kath Farrell shares her experience:

'I have been a contact lens wearer for over thirty years, previously worn (should have worn!) glasses from childhood  and possess a lifelong dread of eye tests.

My first experience of lenses wasn't good, at my initial consultation the optician told me I would never be able to wear lenses due to my prescription. I'm rather embarrassed to admit it, but, I cried. However, once I pulled myself together I insisted I wanted to try them, and, I have to say I've never looked back since (no pun intended!) - and with the added bonus of proving the silly man wrong!

My first pair were hard lenses which cost a fortune, and in those days you had the added cost of needing to insure them - which cost nearly as much as the lenses themselves! To be honest I'd have paid any amount of money to be free of glasses!

I continued with the same Optician for a couple of years which really didn't help my dread of eye tests. I eventually changed to a practice that only prescribed contact lenses and was very happy with the care and service they provided, the only down side was that I never really had a pair of glasses with an up to dated prescription, (which as a contact lens wearer I needed as a back up 'just incase') as it meant going to a different optician and another series of eye tests. I have to admit,  in all my time as contact lenses wearer, I bet I can count on one hand the glasses I have been prescribed - not good considering that if I don't have my lenses in, I need a white stick! But, on a positive, I don't own a white stick, so just shows my long lasting love, compatibility and extensive wear of my contacts.

I was transferred to Pattersons Opticians when my contact lens provider retired which meant I could now sort out glasses and lenses at one practice. The practice was quite dated but the lovely, friendly Jayne on reception, put me at ease. I was considering changing to a different optician when I was informed that Bayfields were taking over (the world I think!).

This is now my second year with Bayfields. Initially, after my first visit last year, I was impressed, again the friendliness and customer care from Jayne and her colleagues is outstanding. However, I still found the whole 'consultation' bit stressful and quite intimidating, I felt I needed to apologise for being as 'blind as a bat' and felt I was a bit of an inconvenience.

I cannot believe what a totally different experience I have encountered recently. I don't just mean the very swish transformation of the practice either, which is lovely, but for me it has to be you Mark that has changed my whole perception of 'going to the Opticians'.

I was never aware of the different options available to me regarding lens choice, perhaps because the need to use reading glasses as well was never a massive inconvenience to me (they're always on top of my head!) That said, I'm more than happy to try anything that would reduce the need for reading glasses.

I can't believe the time you have been willing to take to get the best result for me, I could quite happily have 'lived with' any of the trials I have had but you were more than willing to provide me with the best vision possible. The result being, I can actually read without the addition of glasses - I can't remember the time when this was last possible! It took time but we got there in the end.

I really appreciate how your approach has eliminated my 'dread' of all things eye related. You are an absolute credit to the Bayfields team.'



Late nights and early mornings

Having been told early on that he needed vision correction, Chris Handley soon discovered that he was not a fan of glasses. After a few years of ‘putting up’ with clunky frames getting in the way of playing tennis and rugby, he knew he had better seek an alternative option.

At the ripe age of 18 Chris was first fitted with contact lenses, the first time he put them in he instantly felt a sense of freedom and soon realised he could participate in all his sports with clearer unrestricted field of vision.

Now age 51 Chris still loves his contact lenses, even shuddering at the thought of not being able to wear them, but he also lives a very busy lifestyle. Between full time working and playing sports he is previously found it very difficult to go to the Opticians for contact lens appointments. Lucky, now, as an eye care client at Bayfields Headingley, Chris is able to squeeze in his appointments while also continuing to enjoy his activities due to late night and Saturday morning openings. 


'Comfortable and affordable'

Katie Stokes had been a client of Yager Opticians for many years before the practice became part of the Bayfields Group. When Mr Yager retired, Katie took the opportunity to look at her options. After a lot of thought, she decided it was time for a change and booked her contact lens review with a local, high street Opticians.

After months of return visits, Ms Stokes contact lenses were ‘never quite right’ so she returned to Bayfields for advice and hasn’t looked back since.

Here’s what she had to say:

'I have been a contact lens wearer for 19 years and left my opticians for cost and practical reasons. After trying 2 high street opticians over a period of 4 yrs I was never satisfied with the service, quality of lens, accuracy of prescription or service offered. After starting with difficulties with my lenses, and on the recommendation of my Dad, I decided to return to my old practice which had been taken over by Bayfields. I couldn’t be happier. A thorough eye test has given me confidence that the prescription is accurate and the lenses are brilliant. Comfortable and affordable - with the monthly direct debit. The staff and service is fantastic and I strongly recommend them to everybody.'


From mono to multi with great success:

Mr Dickson first came to Bayfields for a routine contact lens review only a matter of weeks ago.

During his contact lens review, with resident Optometrist Claire, Mr Dickson mentioned that he had been finding it increasingly difficult to focus on his computer screen whilst wearing his current, ‘monovision’ (one lens to correct distance vision, one lens to correct near vision) contact lenses. Little did he know there was a perfect solution for this issue:multifocal lenses.

Claire explained to that by switching to multifocal lenses he would not only be able to see his computer screen, but also look into the distance and read – all in the same pair of lenses! Intrigued by this ‘magic’, and eager to see if what Claire was saying was true, Mr Dickson left the practice with several pairs to trial.

Following the successful trial, Mr Dickson is extremely happy with the improvements the lenses have already made to his lifestyle. Not only can he see clearly, but he has also discovered a new, more convenient way of getting his lenses; through joining theBayfields Membership Plan. Mr Dickson’s lenses are now automatically delivered to his door every three months, without him even having to ask!

To find out about delivery and all the other benefits included in the Bayfields Membership Plans, click here.



A lifetime of happy experiences

After almost two decades of visiting Bayfields for his eye examinations, client, Paul Ford, felt he simply couldn't keep the secrets behind his loyalty to himself anylonger.

In a letter he wrote following his most recent visit, Mr Ford wrote: 

"My eye exam in late December was conducted by Raseda in a very professional and courteous manner.  She was able to explain each test procedure and then the results confidently in layman’s terms.  My sons test was carried out by Angela which went very well, although I was not in the room so cannot speak first hand, but he enjoyed it.

The outstanding aspect of the visits were the treatment that I received from Emma when I choose to replace my safety glasses based on a slight prescription change.  She was friendly and helpful when it came to choice of frames.  She spent time checking to make sure that they would be fit for purpose.  When the glasses were delivered, she spent time getting the fit correct.  I believe that Emma is a real asset to the business in the way that her genuinely friendly manner helps people through what can sometimes be a difficult and expensive time.

The whole atmosphere of branch from the decor to the coffee machine makes a visit to the optician an absolute pleasure."


Prescribing a dose of confidence

After suffering for long enough from blepharitis (a condition where by the eye lids become inflamed causing swelling and irritation), Mr Trueman describes how he is standing a little taller since Wakefield’s resident Optometrist, Mark, introduced him to the MGDR Eye Bag:

“I developed very unsightly blepharitis fifteen months ago. It did not respond to conservative treatment & long term antibiotic therapy was prescribed, with very little improvement.

 I was referred to the hospital for a second opinion but did not need to attend as your optician suggested I use the MGDR Eye Bag which improved my symptoms after a short period of use.

 I no longer feel self conscious & use the bag on a regular basis to control the condition & would recommend it’s use to anyone with a similar problem.”

MGDR Eye Bags are available for sale at all Bayfields Opticians. To find out about this, or any other Blepharitis treatment speak to a member of your Bayfields Team.

Other treatments for Blepharitis available at all Bayfields Practices include: Blephasol, Blephaclean wipes and Blephagel.

To find out more about The Eyebag Company please click here.



There's always a chance to try again

Mrs Phelan had tried multifocal contact lenses countless times in the past with very little success; her vision was never as clear as in her glasses and no matter what she tried she simply 'could not get on with the lenses'. Finally, after many prescription tweaks and being told by her previous Optometrist that her vision would never get any better in contact lenses, Mrs Phelan admitted defeat and was ready to accept that she would have to settle for being a glasses-only wearer.

Last month however, on her daughter’s recommendation, Mrs Phelan came to us in one last ditch attempt to conquer contact lenses – she certainly didn’t expect the results she saw.

Following a thorough eye examination and contact lens consultation, resident Optometrist Lorraine was able to fully understand Mrs Phelans struggles and discuss her options openly with her. On Lorraine’s recommendation, Mrs Phelan decided to try Clariti multifocal contact lenses.

Just two weeks later, a very happy Mrs Phelan returned for her contact lens review, rating both her near and distance vision a tremendous 10/10, she is now wearing her lenses most days of the week.

Mrs Phelan is delighted with finally being given the freedom to wake up and choose between her glasses or contact lenses - a concept that seemed near impossible just a few months ago.

When asked to sum up her experience of Bayfields so far, her response was simply:

“A fabulous personal service from the whole team. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble.”


From pre-loved specs to much-loved lenses

After years of young children reaching for her glasses, Jan Womersley - a fun-loving nursery nurse - came to Bayfields to find a more practical solution for her vision correction.

Following an eye examination, with resident Optometrist Lorraine, Jan discovered that her near vision had deteriorated since her last eye examination – meaning she would need to wear her previously-loved - now impractical - specs more often. Upon finding this out, Jan became more determined than before to find an alternative solution that would continue to offer clear vision, but also put an end to tiny hands being able remove her ‘eyes’ at work.

During her contact lens trial, Lorraine discussed the pros & cons of both monovision lenses (one lens to correct distance, the other for near vision) and multifocal lenses(lenses similar to those in varifocal glasses). Armed with all the facts, Jan opted to trial multifocal lenses and, after a little tweaking, has been reaping the rewards ever since. Here is what she has had to say about her success:

“I have recently been having a contact lens free trial at Bayfield’s. I was given excellent advice from Lorraine about which type of lens to use. All my questions, however small were answered, I was reassured about any fears I had and the cost was made clear at the beginning. I wasn't made to feel uncomfortable when attempting to place the lenses myself, nor did I feel pressured at any time. Any 'teething problems' were sorted out for me straight away. I was made to feel very welcome during my appointments and as always the staff are warm, friendly and extremely helpful. I am now using lenses confidently and am very satisfied with thecareand service I received from Bayfield’s.”


Say bye bye to those pesky readers!

Mrs Bell is a head teacher at a local school - a job that requires a lot of reading. She needs her vision to see things at a distance (when driving for example) as well as close-up. She'd been wearing hard (RGP) contact lenses for the past 30 years but had gotten fed up with them because although they were varifocal contact lenses, she found she still had to put on reading glasses when needing to see things close up, which defeats the purpose of wearing contact lenses! 

We wanted to resolve Mrs Bell's frustration so we looked at finding her a solution that would enable her to do away with her readers. She has an amblyopic (lazy) right eye so we decided to try refitting her with No 7 hard contact lenses - a single vision lens in the right eye (for the amblyopia) and a varifocal lens in the left eye.

With a little bit of work and extra effort - we had to adjust the left eye varifocal lens slightly - she now has good distance vision and near vision without the need for any spectacles over the top! Mrs Bell is very pleased with the result of her new contact lens trial and happy that we managed to find a better solution to suit her lifestyle. She said:

"My new lenses are so much more convenient, the difference is remarkable. And the best part is I can throw away my readers, brilliant!"



We guarantee it's worth it!

Mr Henshaw has been coming to the practice since it was run by Mr Yager. Previously, Mr Yager had placed him in pro easy, basic varifocals. However, when he next came to visit us, now Bayfields we gave him more varifocal options to choose from, hoping to improve his vision.

Mr Henshaw opted for the top of the range - Zeiss Individual lenses with an anti-reflection Lotutec coating. At the time, he thought he was mad paying a lot more for his lenses but was willing to trust us and give it a go. We explained that the new lens coating he was trying also comes with a 2-year scratch resistant warranty, so if they get scratched they are replaced free of charge.

When Mr Henshaw received his new spectacles, he said:

"They're amazing, I can really see the difference. Further down the line, I scratched one of the lenses and decided to attempt to take advantage of the warranty. I actually suspected that it was a bit of a sales gimmick and that it was going to cost me to repair the lens - nothing's for free right?

I was stunned with the speed and efficiency with which the Pontefract team proved me wrong - they returned the lens under the guarantee and indeed, replaced it for free, so I really feel I got my money's worth!

While the scratched lens was being replaced, I briefly went back to using my old lenses and once again I was reminded of how much better my new lenses are. I'm so pleased I upgraded to Zeiss Individual and won't be going back to anything of lower quality - I'm 100% convinced!"

Paul Henshaw



A truly magical solution

Mrs Elstone first came to Bayfields Opticians Pontefract about a year ago, for a routine eye examination and contact lens review. She told our resident Optometrist, Lorraine Jones that she was considering not wearing contact lenses any more, even though she’d worn them for many years. She explained further, saying that she wanted rid of her contact lenses because she was fed up with the fact that she couldn’t see anything up close with just her lenses in; she was forever having to put her reading glasses on over the top.

Little did Mrs Elstone know that there was a perfect solution for this issue: multifocal contact lenses, so that she could see things up close and far away without having to lift a finger! Lorraine highly recommended them, reassuring Mrs Elstone that they would not only solve her problem but also improve both her vision and lifestyle significantly. When Mrs Elstone agreed to try this suggestion, Lorraine and the Pontefract team fit her with the most suitable multifocal lenses for her and after a few weeks of trialling her new lenses, now Mrs Elstone can indeed easily see both far and near without ever having to touch her reading glasses.

We were delighted with Mrs Elstone’s reaction to discovering multifocal contact lenses for the first time: 

“I couldn’t believe how good they were even when I first put them’s like magic..."

Mrs Elstone’s Optometrist, Lorraine explained that:

“Mrs Elstone is a classic case of potential contact lens drop out due topresbyopia.  I’m just glad she came to us with her issue and that we saved her from giving up on wearing contact lenses, something she has been used to for years.  It is very rewarding to know that even 2 years on, she is highly delighted with the results.”

Mrs Elstone is grateful to Bayfields Opticians Pontefract and plans on remaining a loyal eye care client for a long time. She said of us:

“They saved me a lot of inconvenience... I’d feel lost without them.”  

We are glad to have come to the rescue just in the nick of time it seems; and even happier that Mrs Elstone loves her new multifocal lenses.

 Sylvia Elstone



Chris Fowler, one of our eye care clients recounts his experience and gives advice...

I wish to record my thanks and utmost praise to Bayfields for the treatment and care I have received. Over the past 2 years I have been seen by 3 opticians and all have been quite outstanding.

In particular though I would like to express my gratitude for being given emergency appointments within an hour of contact on two recent occasions. I thought something was wrong and both times tearing and detached retinas have been diagnosed and emergency treatment arranged at St James' Hospital in Leeds. As a result my eyesight in both eyes has been saved and it is no exaggeration to say that.

Having suffered these in both eyes in the last twelve months I feel quite well qualified to describe symptoms and procedures. One of the things I would stress though is the need to contact your optician if you think you have any issue, rather than wait until you are certain you have. With tears and detachments time is of the essence.


Retinal Detachments and Tears


The first time I had a problem was when I developed what is known as a Weiss Ring. To put it simply some of the vitreous humour ( a jelly like substance ) pulled away for the retina at the back of my eye. It was like looking through a thin leaf of gelatine rather than what was usual and I had a large speck like mucus which I could see as I moved my eye from right to left.  This is nothing to worry about but is a sign that something is going on. The Weiss Ring was diagnosed and I was told it was nothing to worry about Bayfields told me to get in touch immediately if I experienced flashes or a sudden increase in floaters or black spots in my eyes.

Flashes are strange and it is easy to disregard early ones due to uncertainty. My first were like the briefest of lights that I was virtually unaware of. Due to uncertainty I left things until they were occurring quite frequently and giving flashes like a brief camera flashes - bars of light across my eye. I contacted Bayfields Opticians straight away who quickly diagnosed a tear and referred me to St James’s Hospital in Leeds that day for treatment.


With the second eye there was tearing and detachment without the development of a Weiss Ring… tears and detachments can occur without any prior problems.  I thought I was beginning to get flashes – akin to tiny LED lights occasionally flashing for a fraction of a second followed later on by something a bit like a spark that became a little larger and longer in duration.  My fears were confirmed when I suddenly started seeing black spots (floaters), which I later learnt was a result of a small bleed. Bayfields again managed to secure me an appointment immediately, correctly diagnosed the problem once more and referred me to St. James’s again for treatment. 

Eye Surgery for Tears & Detachments


I would like to start by saying two things:-


1. Eye surgery for retinal detachments is nothing to worry about even under local anaesthetic. In fact under local, you are generally treated more quickly and will certainly spend less time in hospital.


2. The staff at St. James’ are magnificent and you can have an enormous degree of confidence in their care and skill. I cannot praise them highly enough.

 When I arrived at St. James’s I went through the usual procedure of drops in eyes, waiting, doctors peering with lights into eyes, taking measurements, testing (painlessly), eye pressures and confirming the need for surgery. I opted for surgery under local anaesthetic as it meant I could have the operation that day rather than the next and it was obvious the sooner the retina was repaired the better.


Leaving the ward to go into surgery and returning took less than 1 hour. I guess the operation took about 30 minutes and was relatively painless due to the anaesthesia. I was then asked to rest in the ward for an hour after which I was sent home. Follow-up treatment consisted of sitting upright, keeping my head still and sleeping on my side for the first week. Other than that, there was the usual drops and check-ups for the next month. All in all, relatively painless.

Once on the ward I had to sit with my head down for an hour after which I was sent home.  I had to spend the first week .  (I found this difficult so purchased a travel pillow from Marks & Spencer online and this allowed me to sit up in bed to sleep as well as lie on my side.  There are of course drops to put in your eye for a month and check ups).


You are warned as with all operations of possible side effects which include, damage to sight, infection and the likelihood of developing cataracts but let’s face the blunt truth – without the operation you will end up losing your sight sooner anyway so there is no choice but to bite the bullet, understand that this is the best solution open to you and just have it!

For my second operation, I chose local anaesthetic again as I had learnt from my first experience that it really is a something and nothing operation for the patient due to the dedication and care, skill & equipment at St James’ in Leeds.

Reflection and the utmost gratitude:


Chris Fowler

It is no colloquialism to say that eyesight is very precious. Time is of the essence with retinal issues. If in any doubt or if exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever, contact your optician immediately and truly, do not worry about the operational procedure you will face should a tear or detachment be diagnosed.


I hope it does not happen to you but if it does, do not worry, especially if you're with Bayfields - you're in safe hands! Bayfields Opticians provides an extremely professional, yet also friendly, fast, efficient and expert service. Bayfields staff and the clinicians at St. James' Hospital have ensured I have kept one of the most precious things imaginable - my ability to see. Thanks to all!



Curing Lanie's Fear of Eyes

"I have had to wear glasses since I was about 10 years old and have always dreaded going to the Opticians. The whole experience was an ordeal, as I have a phobia of eyes. I used to walk into a shop to see other customers looking like they were on death row! The eye test lasted about 15 minutes without any explanation about how my eyes were, and then I’d be left alone staring at rows and rows of glasses. With no support or guidance, I left with a pair of glasses that Dame Edna wouldn’t have worn. Then the reminder letters would start falling through my letterbox, making me feel sick until I would finally pluck up the courage to ring and book an appointment by the time the 4th letter came, mainly because I felt like I was killing a rainforest!!!"

"In the Summer of 2012, I had an eye test and was left with a prescription for new glasses. A friend recommended Bayfields in Headingley:

The minute I set foot through the door I felt at ease. Everyone is really friendly, helpful and very patient. When you’re there, it’s as if everything stops for you. All my fears were kindly reassured and my questions answered." 

"I couldn’t believe that Chris (Practice Manager) spent over half an hour helping and advising me on frames which suited me ... He is like the Gok Wan of Spectacles! I work in a primary school, spending my days getting covered in paint, glue, glitter and play dough. Having the great after care service and being able to pop in to have my glasses checked means my glasses always look and feel as good as new."


"Recently, when I was having my glasses checked, the Bayfields team suggested that I try contact lenses. 2 years ago, my response would have been a straight forward NO! However:

I have complete trust in the team at Headingley so I know I am in safe hands."

"So, to the total shock of my family, friends and MYSELF, I went along to try contact lenses for the first time – completely free of charge and with no obligations or conditions attached to it."


"Understandably, I was a bit nervous but Gemma (Optical Assistant) and Naomi (Trainee Optician) were there as always to make me a yummy coffee and put me at ease. The thought of touching my eye made my tummy flip. Diba (Optometrist) explained everything and Naomi was AMAZING! She was so patient as she taught me how to put the lenses in safely. I never thought I would be able to do it but they took the time to teach me without any pressure, making it all possible."

"The difference contact lenses have made to my life is fab: I can watch the Leeds Rhinos play without worry that my glasses will fall off and I can see what is happening in the game clearer than the referee (but they are sponsored by Specsavers so it’s understandable!!!) I now wear my glasses during the week and contact lenses on a weekend .Thank you so much to Bayfields Headingley for curing my fear of eyes, I couldn’t have done it without you!"


Elaine Barr



It's always about you and your lifestyle

Mrs Joan Senior has been coming to Bayfields Opticians Pontefract since we purchased the practice in 2012. Upon her first visit to us, resident Optometrist Lorraine Jones quickly spotted the onset of a cataract in both eyes and swiftly referred her to the hospital for acataract operation. She also explained to Mrs Senior that she would have to return to us for a follow-up appointment after her operation, and that she would also need surgery on her other eye at some point.

After a successful operation and appropriate recovery time, Mrs Senior returned to us for her follow-up appointment to check the health of both her eyes the following year. This time she needed her right eye operating on. We reiterated to Mrs Senior the details of her situation and she understood perfectly that she would need to go back to hospital for another operation. However, she requested that we avoid referring her until after the horse racing season was finished, as she is an avid follower of horse racing and lives and works at the racecourse. Bearing in mind that we always try to fit recommendations and solutions to suit our eye care clients’ lifestyles and hobbies, our team listened to Mrs Senior’s request and arranged it so that her second operation did not clash with the horse racing season.

As a result, Mrs Senior is now delighted with the outcome of both operations and her vision has vastly improved, by 5 lines on the chart. Additionally, she is very happy with the service from the White Rose surgery which is where we referred her for her operations. Mrs Senior's comments are:

"I'm very happy with the service from start to finish: the staff are lovely and I'm very pleased with all the help I received in choosing my new frames. I love my new spectacles which are in my favourite colour, purple (like Bayfields!) and my vision is fantastic now! Thank you Bayfields Opticians."


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