Our hearing care services

All our hearing appointments except for wax removal are free of charge. 
Online hearing test 
Test your hearing from the comfort of your sofa with our online screener test. Find out more here

Hearing health check
Next time you see us why not have your hearing checked? We offer free hearing tests in practice, this is a 15 minute appointment where one of our Audiologists will check the health of your ears and test for hearing loss. 

Hearing care examinations 
If you discover you have some hearing loss we'd recommend coming to see us for a hearing care examination, one of our friendly & highly qualified Audiologists will talk to you about your lifestyle and carry out a range of tests to find out the degree of hearing loss and the cause.


Fitting hearing solutions
If we discover that you need a hearing aid, or you need to change your current one, we can offer you a FREE trial of any hearing aid (even the smallest and most discreet models) for 7 days.  

Wax removal 
For some people, ear wax can be a problem and cause either loss of hearing or pain in the ear. All of our Audiologists are qualified to perform gentle micro-suction to remove the wax and get you back on track. 

Hearing solutions

It may be that we can advise you on a hearing solution which doesn’t require a hearing aid. We can also offer really good advice on how to protect and take care of your ears, and how best to use any hearing support you may already have. 

However, if you do need a hearing aid, whether for the first time or as a replacement, our partnership with award-winning manufacturer Unitron means we can select from a range of outstanding hearing aids to help you get the most out of life. 

Did you know we can even provide a hearing aid which connects directly with your mobile phone and your TV? And we can provide hearing aids which automatically adjust to changes in the environment around you. 

Find out more about our hearing solutions

There are two main types of hearing aid

One type fits behind the ear, with a thin wire connecting to a small dome in your ear. The other type is customised to fit neatly right into your own ear canal. 

What’s best for you depends on your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your personal preferences – and that’s where we come in. 

We’ll sit down with you and talk to you at length about how you spend your time and when you most need extra support with your hearing. That way, we can be sure to find the right hearing aid for you – so you can get the best possible results in a range of environments. 

Don’t forget, we offer free trials of our hearing aids!

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