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Sports Lifestyles

In these post-Olympic days sport may now be very high on your agenda, or you may simply enjoy an occasional game of golf or tennis.

Bayfields' optometrists will listen carefully to understand your sporty lifestyle and any vision issues you may be experiencing. For example, have you had to give up some of your favourite sports because you now need to wear glasses? Or do you wear your spectacles while running and find it uncomfortable? By better understanding your lifestyle, Bayfields can create solutions which will improve your vision while playing sports.


How could contact lenses help?

The fact is most people CAN wear contact lenses.

For those with busy or active lifestyles, wearing contact lenses can have a big and positive impact on day-to-day life.

  • Better peripheral vision than glasses.

  • Won't fall off or slip down when you move or sweat.

  • Don't mist up and can be worn under protective goggles, masks or helmets.

  • Eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries.

  • Allow all ages to take part in a wider range of activities and sports

  • Vital for contact sports such as rugby, football, wrestling, boxing, and high-exertion/vigorous sports including running, climbing, racket sports, ball games, cycling and motor sports.

Many also offer important UV protection.

Multi-focal contact lenses are also available and can therefore be ultra-sporty friendly.


Water Sports

From not being able to see your children in the swimming pool on holiday to weekend sailing, right up to diving competitions, water and great vision can be challenging.



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