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""Everyone’s looking for a work life that just fits. Somewhere you’ll be heard, your hard work will be seen, and you get to do something genuinely good.

And, when you spend as much time working as you do, that seems like a pretty reasonable thing to want.

At Bayfields, ever since we started in Yorkshire, we’ve worked hard to be a team you’ll be excited to work with. We’re proudly transparent, committed to fairness, and we know a fantastic idea is just as likely to come from a new starter as a board member.

It’s no surprise that we’ve attracted so many former employees from the large optical chains. We shape our business around our people, not the other way around. And, as we see our family grow to more than 40 locations, we’re going to prove that you can be a well-known name and give our team respect and opportunity."

Royston Bayfield
Founder and CEO

Representation matters

We’re incredibly grateful to have ideas and skills from a range of backgrounds in the Bayfields family. Diversity is absolutely essential to find the best ideas —and offer the best service.

If you are a part of an underrepresented group within our industry, we would like to offer you a warm welcome, and absolutely encourage you to apply for our available roles. 

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