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Recently we sent 1200 frames over to Sierra Leone, to support a project to provide professional eye care services for teachers in Sierra Leone who, over the years, have been excluded from school eye health programmes. As part of the project, they’ve already examined 187 teachers across 5 schools and dispensed over 150 pairs of glasses completely free of charge…

We’re really proud to be able to support this fantastic project and are hopeful that the improved vision for these teachers will have a positive impact on their lives as well as the lives of the children they teach.

Previously, we supported one of the key workers on this project, Ninimba, to complete his studies to become an Optometrist. Check out Ninimba’s story below.

Ninimba's Education: An Overseas Project - bringing eye care to Sierra Leone

When we launched this project, the ratio of Optometrists to people In Africa was approximately 1: 8 million. In Sierra Leone alone, there was just one Optometrist in the entire country of 7 million people.

We set out to help raise awareness about the importance of eye health on a global scale, and as a result, help those in need. At Bayfields Opticians we believe that everyone should be able to live their lives without vision-related obstacles.

As part of this project, Bayfields supported Ninimba Lebbie of Sierra Leone through his studies at Amity University and he is now back in his home country helping thousands of people to improve their lives by providing them with the quality eye care they deserve.

Sierra Leone has endured many turbulent years including a decade-long civil war, and an outbreak of the Ebola virus. Because of the impact of this, eye health had become a low priority for Sierra Leone’s government, but thanks to the efforts made by people like Ninimba, more people are finally receiving the care they need to help detect, treat and prevent sight issues and illnesses.

Ninimba’s life has also changed dramatically as a result of Bayfields’ help. Unable to afford the education he needed to pursue his dream of becoming an Optometrist after the loss of his mother, he found the support he needed through the organisation. Upon graduating Ninimba said “I am forever grateful for the opportunity you provided in making my dream of becoming an Optometrist a reality. The support through these two years of my studies has been invaluable because without it I would never have made it this far.”

Recent UK Projects: spreading the eye care word

We have sought to educate our clients’ understanding of eye care, so that they can better appreciate the significance of vision. As part of this, we have been working with local schools to raise awareness of the importance of early eye tests, and the impact vision can have on learning and development. 
A Bayfields Clinical Development Manager educating children on the importance of eye care

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