Changes to IR35 could take the shine off Locum work for Optometrists

19 August

By Amy Houldsworth, Talent Acquisition Manager

If you’re not already aware of the full implications of the latest changes to IR35 and how they can effect self-employed locums, this article from Optometry Today explains it perfectly. IR35 for sole trader locums (

These latest changes will have a big impact on locums, and a permanent position with the right employer may start to make more sense than continuing as a locum for some Optometrists.
How can a permanent position be as financially attractive as a locum position?
Many Optometrists believe that they will be financially better off in a locum position, but that’s not always the case. Here at Bayfields, we offer a salary up to £65K which, when combined with the fantastic employee benefits such as annual leave, additional annual leave for birthday, sickness, simply health, pensions, parental leave and other benefits is more than comparable.

On top of this, Bayfields will also pay for your CET Training and professional fees, further enhancing your finances.
The downsides to being a locum are often poorly understood
Whilst a (perceived) high day rate can be attractive to many Optometrists, there is more to consider before making the leap. Job uncertainty is always a risk when moving to a self-employed status, and we are confident that the potential risks of fines to employers under the changed legislation will see a reduction in the use of locums for scenarios beyond short terms sickness or holiday cover.

Self-employment also means no paid holidays, no paid sick leave or any of the other benefits available to permanent employees. Plus, the costs of CPD and development fall full on the self-employed.
Take another look at permanent employment
Bayfields is still a family-owned business, yet is growing all the time, with some fantastic ambitions for the future – all whilst retaining the culture, vision and values that are so important to us. We’ve a range of permanent positions, and you can find out everything you want to know about why Bayfields is a great place to work, and view all the latest opportunities here