Choosing glasses to suit your style

30 October
We recently welcomed award-winning personal stylist Jacqui Cooper into our Wakefield practice for an eye examination. Choosing the right accessories to match your personality is something Jacqui is an expert on so we thought who better to ask to provide an insight on finding the right glasses to suit your style.

"Your eyewear should be an extension of who you are, rather than a purchase of the latest trend. Let’s not ignore the fact that, yes, they need to be functional, but other aspects take precedence for each of us. It might be what’s fun, what makes a statement, what’s pretty, what’s practical or perhaps they are budget-driven"

Jacqui’s top tips for choosing the right glasses for you …

Step 1: Be prepared to spend oodles of time trying on frames, just like getting the perfect pair of jeans, it’s a numbers thing.

Step 2: Know your face shape.

Step 3: Understand your Style Profile. As with clothing style, once you know the key elements the frames are easy to select. For example, if your dominant style is dramatic, this needs to be reflected in your frames, so they feel ‘you’. 

Step 4: Colour. Work within a colour spectrum which means the colour will work with your clothing style – even if you stick to neutrals for simplicity.

Step 5: Consider skin tone, are you warm or cool? Match the frame to your skin tone for optimal alignment. Metals are a fail-safe option. Silver = Cool. Gold = Warm.

Face shapes and glasses

OK, so now for face shape because this is REALLY important. The simple formula is this:

Wear the opposite shape of frame to your face shape!

In order to balance the shape of your face, in most cases, choose the opposite style for the frames. So, if you have a round face choose frames with more angles, and vice versa, a square face will be flattered by round glasses. The exception to this rule is for those of you with a heart-shaped face - you actually need to mimic your face-shape with your frames.

All about colour

Unless you have had a professional colour consultation, here is my quick guide to choosing colour that will balance and harmonise with your natural colouring.

If you don’t want to experiment with coloured frames find a shade that’s close to your hair colour:

Very dark/black hair - go for black frames

Brown hair - go for brown tones

Copper hair - go for mid-brown tones

Silver, grey or cool blonde - go for clear or white frames

Blonde - go for light coloured frames.

We can also work with eye colour to match or contrast i.e.

Blue eyes - coloured frames like purple, green or orange

Green - brown (think tortoiseshell) plumb, purple

Brown - brown (if you like matchy matchy) gold or silver.


For further style tips and to here about Jacqui’s Bayfields experience you can read the full blog post here.