Most people could wear contact lenses

We believe that 99% of people could wear contact lenses if they wanted to. Unfortunately, many people think they aren’t able to (for example, because of their prescription) or they think they’re too old or too young. Often, they’ve simply never been offered contact lenses.
And yet they can be so liberating! That’s why we’re ambitious for our clients. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you achieve contact lenses which offer great vision along with superb comfort and freedom, and which suit your own lifestyle perfectly.

We’ve successfully fitted contact lenses for all sorts of clients with all sorts of prescriptions, from 18 months old up to 95 years old!

Contact Lenses FAQ

Why wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses may be right for you if...
  • you’d prefer not to have to wear glasses all the time
  • you want the flexibility of wearing any sunglasses you like, instead of having to stick to prescription ones
  • you don’t want to be restricted when playing sport or exercising
  • you’re going to an important event, or on holiday, and don’t want to wear glasses
  • you don’t want to wear reading glasses
  • you don’t like the feel of glasses on your face
  • you love the outdoors and want to enjoy great, unrestricted vision
  • you want UV protection all year round without always having to wear sunglasses
  • you need help with dry eyes.


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Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses! Join the millions of people who feel their lives have been transformed by wearing contact lenses some or all of the time.

Overnight Vision Correction

Want to be free from glasses and day-time contact lenses? 

Ortho-K overnight vision correction lenses can correct your vision while you sleep. Simply pop your Ortho-K lenses in before bedtime, remove them on waking, and enjoy a world of clear, sharp, natural vision.
Ring your local Bayfields practice to enquire and find out which of your nearest practices can assess your eligibility for this amazing technology.

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