Be Free is Bayfields’ own membership plan for contact lens wearers . It’s designed to save you money, deliver all the personalised care you need,  and make life simpler for you! And all of this peace of mind is available from just £9 a month.

You don’t even need to be a full-time contact lens wearer; you might only wear them a few times a month.


What you’ll get for FREE

  • As many eye exams as you need, including scans of the back of your eye
  • OCT scans of your eye
  • All of your contact lens reviews
  • Any emergency appointments you may need
  • 10 pairs of daily disposable contact lenses every year 
  • Replacement contact lenses if you lose or tear your daily, two-weekly or monthly disposable contact Lenses (for three-monthly or yearly contact lenses the plan can vary, so please just ask)
  • Delivery of your contact lenses direct to your door!

PLUS you’ll get discount on contact lenses

  • On contact lens cases and solutions
  • £75 off a pair of glasses frames every year
  • 20% off sunglasses all year round

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