Contact lenses for children of any age

We’re enthusiastic about offering children the option of contact lenses – we’ve even fitted them for a one-year-old child. Children have just the same eligibility for contact lenses as adults, and are often better at managing them!

We’d just want to be sure that:
  • the child can follow all the hygiene requirements, or accept a parent doing it for them
  • they’re the ones who want to try contact lenses (so they aren’t under any pressure).

A flexible alternative to glasses

Children and teenagers can get a boost of confidence from contact lenses. If they normally wear glasses, they may also be a useful option for sport or special occasions. We usually recommend that children with contact lenses also have at least one pair of glasses, just in case they run out of contact lenses or have a sudden problem.

Progressive myopia management

Does your child have progressive myopia – in other words, worsening short-sightedness? We’re one of very few UK companies currently able to assess children for MiSight, a soft, comfortable daily disposable contact lens which is proven to slow the progression of myopia in most children. It’s is so good, it won Optical Product of the Year at the AOP Awards 2018.
Reducing the chance of severe myopia is important, because it’s associated with serious eye problems like retinal detachment and glaucoma.
Children wear MiSight contact lenses throughout the day, but don’t need to sleep in them. As a result of wearing MiSight, they should enjoy better vision even when not wearing glasses or contact lenses!
These contact lenses can also help to boost a child’s self-esteem. They don’t have to wear thick glasses during the day, and they can participate in activities like sport. And because these lenses are daily disposables, there's no worry about cleaning, storing or losing them. What’s more, if your child is eligible then there’s no waiting list.

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