Did you know that UV light can affect your eyes even when the sun isn’t shining?  

You know you need to protect your skin from UV exposure but your eyes need protection too. The sun’s UV rays are at their most powerful first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon so it’s important that your eyes are protected throughout the day. 

Long term exposure to UV-A and UV-B light is potentially damaging to our eyes, and is a high risk factor for the development of cataracts.

You might be thinking this means you’ll need sunglasses on the entire time but it doesn’t. We’re proud to stock ZEISS lenses for spectacle wearers and clariti® 1 day contact lenses, both of which offer 100% UV protection. 

To help you be UV ready we have two exclusive offers throughout April and May so with every purchase of ZEISS lenses or a subscription of clariti® 1 day contact lenses you can choose from one of our fantastic offers on an additional purchase.

Spectacles offers:

  • 10% off our sunglasses range
  • 20% off a pair of designer sunglasses (subject to availability)
  • 50% off a pair ophthalmic glasses with tinted ZEISS or synchrony lenses
  • A free upgrade to Photofusion lenses
  • A one month free trial of clariti® contact lenses

clariti® 1 day contact lenses:

  • 10% off our sunglasses range
  • 20% off a pair of designer sunglasses 
  • 2 months complimentary Be Free membership

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