Does your fit need a little TLC?

None of us have a symmetrical face – to a greater or lesser extent, we’re all a bit wonky! For example, one of our ears or eyebrows is usually a bit higher than the other. And this can affect the way our glasses sit, and that affects the way we look.

So when you come in to have your glasses fitted, we’ll take our time to carefully adjust them. We’ll make sure they sit perfectly on your face, for both comfort and vision (and so no one ever knows about that ear or that eyebrow).

Not quite right?

If, after your fitting, you find that your glasses don’t feel right once you’re back home, at work or in the car, or if they’re pinching somewhere, please let us know right away and we’ll get things put right.

Want a more custom fit?

We’re more than happy to accommodate special requests wherever we can. You might want us to remove or replace nose pads, for example, or tailor your rimless glasses.

Glasses repairs

Should you drop your glasses or stand on them, we can help. We hold a full complement of tools and keep lots of spare bits and bobs to hand. So wherever possible, we’ll repair your glasses for you. We’ll also service, refit and clean any glasses for you – even if you didn’t get them from us!


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