Whatever vision correction you need, there’s a ZEISS lens to suit you. Perhaps you’re struggling with glare when night-driving, or want to ease the strain of prolonged screen time. 

And all ZEISS-branded lenses are covered by Bayfields’ exclusive 2-year warranty against scratches, delamination or breakdown.

ZEISS SmartLife lenses  – Continually switching focus between digital displays and the world around you is demanding on your eyes. ZEISS’ existing new SmartLife lenses offer clear, comfortable vision day and night, for all ages. There’s less distortion and blur, and progressive lenses feel like single-vision lenses!

Single-Vision lenses – We carry a wide range of ZEISS single-vision lenses, from lower-priced conventional ones to the most high-precision individual single-vision lenses.

Progressive Lenses – ZEISS’ progressive lenses are designed to support both near and far zones of vision. These lenses are tailor-made for you, ensuring maximum comfort, faster adaptation, and clearer vision. 

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Woman wearing glasses with ZEISS lenses
100% UV Protection Lenses – All of ZEISS’ clear lenses provide full UV protection: all day, every day. Because UV rays are there throughout the year, not just in summer.
DriveSafe Lenses – ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are optimised for safer driving with less eye strain. They offer better vision at night as well as in low light or difficult weather conditions. They reduce glare, protect your eyes from reflections, and make it easier for you to shift your focus.

Sports Lenses – Want to perform at your best in your chosen sport? ZEISS Sports lenses are light and durable, with a tint intensity of over 80%. There’s an optional coating to protect against dirt and scratches, too.
Sunglasses Lenses – Add ZEISS lenses to your choice of designer sunglasses frames to enjoy clear vision and 100% UV protection while looking sensational! Available with prescription lenses or without.

Digital Lenses – We all spend a lot of time looking at screens, from desktop computers to TVs to mobile devices. ZEISS Digital lenses help to counteract eye fatigue when you’re using screens, especially in artificial light.  

Workplace Lenses – ZEISS Office lenses are optimised for when you're spending large amounts of time looking at computer screens. They can reduce the effects of tired eyes and ease the strain of your average working day. 
For Contact Lens Wearers – ZEISS EnergizeMe lenses are designed to fit glasses for people who otherwise wear contact lenses. Now you can take your contact lenses out at the end of a long day and rest your eyes while continuing to enjoy clear, sharp vision.

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