Connected devices are a huge part of everyday life now, and it's a lot of work for our eyes. Where we used to turn our heads to find that sweet spot, our eyes now flick back and forth thousands of times a day from handheld screens to the world around us.

Until now, lenses haven't evolved at the same pace as your lifestyle. Which means blurred vision, tired eyes and headaches.

Bayfields is a part of SmartLife’s DNA
Our clients deserve a lens offering all-day comfort, and as a ZEISS partner we carried out extensive SmartLife trials in association with Aston University. 

Over 75% of those involved in the study found that SmartLife lenses widened the field of vision, offered all-day comfort, and would absolutely recommend them to friends and family.

From handheld screens to heartfelt scenes —and all the in-betweens
One day, all lenses will be like SmartLife. But you don’t need to wait a moment longer. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how big a difference we can make to your digital life.