Our eye tests are meticulous - and meticulously safe

At many opticians’ practices, eye tests last around 20-25 minutes. Someone who isn’t an optometrist may run many of the tests before handing you over to a qualified optometrist for the remainder. At Bayfields, you’ll be guided through a comprehensive test by an experienced optometrist from beginning to end with no rush.  
A Bayfields eye test is much longer and more thorough:
  • Our eye tests last 45 minutes and are extremely comprehensive
  • Only qualified optometrists conduct our eye tests, from start to finish
  • We’ll explore every aspect of your eye health, not just your vision
  • We use the very latest in cutting-edge diagnostic technology
  • Your optometrist will communicate your eye test results to one of our dispensing team – another highly experienced person who will understand your prescription and how to correct your vision with glasses or contact lenses

Eye tests are also about your eye health

Nothing concerns us more than the ongoing health of your eyes. An optometrist has the rare opportunity to see your eyes in microscopic detail, which almost no one else ever does – so an eye test is the perfect time to conduct a very thorough test of the current condition of your eyes. 

A Bayfields eye test does a lot more than just check what you can see. It can pick up and detect early signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, infections and cataracts, as well as underlying health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, high cholesterol and thyroid disease. 

The more thorough your eye test, the more you can depend on the results. And the more regularly you have an eye test, the more likely that any potential conditions can be picked up and detected early and treated which means real peace of mind for both you and our dedicated team of optometrists. 

Our advanced eye tests

For a small additional charge, you could enhance your eye test with a diagnostic scan – either the OCT or Optomap scan. Both scans can help to detect the early stages of potentially dangerous eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, before your vision is compromised: 
  • OCT – combining the technologies of a CT and ultrasound scan, this produces a 3D scan of the back of your eye.
  • Optomap – most tests can only capture 10-15% of your retinal image, but the Optomap sees 80% in one panoramic pass.
The scans available to you depend on the equipment available at your local Bayfields practice, so please just ask your local practice about availability. 

Free NHS Eye Tests

If you qualify for a free NHS eye test, not only can you have your test at your local Bayfields practice but it will be just as long and thorough as all our other eye tests. You could be entitled to a free eye test if:

  • you’re under the age of 16, or 16-18 and in full-time education
  • you're over 60
  • you (or a close family member) have been diagnosed with glaucoma
  • you're registered blind or partially sighted
  • you claim benefits
  • you’re entitled to Complex Lens Vouchers or hold an HC2 or HC3 certificate.    

To find out if you’re eligible, just give your local Bayfields practice a call and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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