Now more than ever, the presence of viruses and bacteria is at the forefront of our minds. The global pandemic has affected us all and has increased our attention on “high-touch” objects and surfaces; spectacles included. In response to this, ZEISS have now introduced DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV. This innovative lens coating is tested and proven to actively fight against pathogens that may linger on the surface of the lens, giving us that extra peace of mind and preparing us for all the things we are anticipating as life gets back to normal. 

Clear, sharp, all-day comfort - with added protection
ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV offers a range of benefits, including:
  • Better spectacle lens hygiene - The lenses help to reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria* surviving on the lens surface.
  • More protection - ZEISS Lenses with DuraVision® AntiVirus Platinum UV provide UV protection up to 400 nm.
  • Good-looking. Tough. Easy to clean. Offers the same low reflectance and less visible blue residual reflex as DuraVision® Platinum. It is optimised for high scratch-resistance and is easy to clean.

Fighting away pathogens from the moment that contamination occurs 
ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV is made of an intellegent material, which is formed when a
ntimicrobial silver (Ag+) ions are embedded in the premium anti-reflective coating structure. The silver acts as an antimicrobial agent by blocking viruses and bacteria as soon as contamination occurs. Viruses and bacteria on the surface of the lens are then immediately inactivated by the DuraVision® AntiVirus Platinum UV coating which helps to significantly reduce the risk of viruses and bacteria surviving on the lens surface.

Tested and proven to work effectively
Spectacles can act as a vessel for carrying viruses and bacteria, like all other “high-touch” surfaces. In fact, some stubborn viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 2 months and longer. Fortunately, ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV complies with ISO Standards for antiviral or antibacterial testing, so you can be certain that your lenses can combat any stubborn viruses and bacteria. 

Experience the added benefits of DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV today
ZEISS DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV is now widely available at all our practices. You can contact us in practice today if you'd like to book an appointment, and our dispensing opticians can help you decide whether DuraVision® AntiVirus Platinum UV could be right for you and your unique lifestyle.