A Personalised Approach to Hearing Testing

Your hearing is unique and so are you.

At our nationwide audiology suites, we've developed a fresh approach to hearing testing.

The environment at our branches is designed to be as welcoming as a hot cup of tea on a wintry day, providing a space for you to relax and feel comfortable. 

While maintaining clean and safe clinical capabilities, our audiology suites have a boutique feel, ensuring added comfort for a customised experience.

Plus, our team of experienced, professional and expert audiologists, will put you at ease, as their expert knowledge and support will guide you through any ear and hearing care you require.

Clinical Excellence and Cutting Edge Technology

Bayfields Opticians & Audiologist practices provide the highest quality and customer service within our audiology suite offer, with a combination of the best audiology expertise and state-of-the-art technology, including a soundproof booth, clinical chair and microscope. 

We've considered every detail to ensure that clinical excellence and your comfort go hand in hand.

Taking the Time to Understand Your Needs

We make time for you during our appointments, ensuring a complete understanding of how hearing loss impacts your life. Longer appointments allow our audiologists to put you at ease and listen carefully, enabling us to suggest solutions that fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Expert Guidance and Support 

Coping with hearing loss, even if mild, can be worrying for some. If you or a loved one are nervous about visiting an audiologist for the first time, our audiology suites are ideal. We go the extra mile to address any apprehensions and provide a comforting environment.

Introducing the Lyric by Phonak

We're delighted to offer the Lyric by Phonak exclusively in our Fleet audiology suite. As one of the few independent audiologists in the country to provide this invisible extended wear hearing aid solution, we're excited to offer it as a unique solution to complement your lifestyle. 

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