If you have a degree of hearing loss, we offer some of the world’s most advanced hearing aids from world-class providers Unitron and Oticon. And if you’re looking for something particularly discreet, we offer the latest, smallest IIC (‘invisible in the canal’) hearing aids.  

All of Bayfield’s audiology services are led by an HCPC-registered audiologist or one of our qualified hearing care assistants. So from the moment you arrive for your first hearing test to the day you walk away hearing so much better, you’ll be taken care of by a highly qualified professional.

Our hearing aid packages

Our hearing aids come with the following benefits:
  • a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • a minimum of three years’ warranty (some have five years)
  • two years’ supply of batteries, unless your hearing aid is rechargeable
  • lifetime aftercare from Bayfields – so for the life of your hearing aid, you won’t have to pay a penny for any hearing tests, or any cleaning, maintenance or reprogramming of your hearing aid.

What should you look for in a hearing aid?

Depending on the level of your hearing loss, and your preferences and your budget, we’ll help you find the right hearing aid for you. You’ll want to think about:
  • how discreet you want your hearing aid to be
  • the quality of sound you want – smoother, like with Oticon, or sharper like with Unitron
  • whether you want rechargeable batteries (it can be convenient to recharge overnight)
  • bluetooth connectivity – you may want to connect your hearing aid to your smartphone, in-car sound or TV
  • whether you need to cope with a lot of surrounding noise.

How much does a hearing aid cost?

Our hearing aids start at £695 for a single ear, but we offer such a range that it’s best to come in and talk to us about costs. Pricing can also be different if you follow the Unitron Flex:upgrade pathway (which is brilliant, by the way). As a general guide, although not always, the smaller and more discreet the hearing aid, the higher the price.  

Oticon hearing aids

Established in 1904 and based in Denmark, Oticon is the world's second-largest hearing-aid manufacturer and the creator of the world's first internet-connected hearing aid. Oticon goes for an ‘open sound’ approach, managing multiple speech and noise sources even in complex listening situations. 

Unitron hearing aids

Established in 1964, Unitron makes the Moxi Now, the world's smallest hearing aid. They’ve also won Red Dot global design awards every year for the past four years, including ‘Best of the Best’ in 2017. 

Unitron’s Flex:upgrade path is very popular as it allows you to upgrade the technology within your current Unitron model for a higher level and you only pay the difference between the two. Unitron also offers Flex:trial, where you try out a Unitron hearing aid for a couple of weeks and it cleverly monitors the kind of environments you’ve been in. This helps us to tailor a hearing aid solution for you.