Widex SmartRIC
Delivering clarity and comfort 
Presenting the latest innovation from Widex: the SmartRic hearing aid. Designed to sit discreetly on the ear and engineered to enhance microphone angles, SmartRIC effortlessly directs attention to the most crucial sounds in any environment.
Focused on delivering clarity and comfort, this device offers an extended battery life and includes Widex's inaugural portable charger, ensuring users can enjoy over a week of cordless charging convenience.
With a design tailored to fit real-life scenarios, the SmartRic hearing aid provides users with the confidence and clarity they need for the moments that truly matter.
Sleek Design:
Inspired by the elegant curves of glasses' temple tips, SmartRIC features a modern and stylish design that stands out. Take your pick from a range of attractive colours to match your personal style effortlessly.
User-Friendly Functionality:
With automatic switch on/off and a convenient LED indicator on the hearing aid itself, managing your device is simple and intuitive. Charging is a breeze too, just drop your hearing aid into the portable charger for seamless power-up.
Fashionable Charging Solution:
Our charger isn't just practical—it's a fashion-forward accessory. Its smart display illuminates only when needed,
maintaining its sleek appearance. Offering both contactless Qi charging and traditional cable charging options, it combines style with convenience.