Preparing for the challenge of a lifetime: Joe Holdsworth from Headingley

Joe Holdsworth in the Sahara wearing his Oakley sports glasses
No matter what your sport, you need to be prepared. Whether you are a cyclist, a swimmer or a runner, your comfort and performance is heavily impacted by your vision.

At Bayfields we carry a range of amazing sports glasses and goggles to help you deal with the issues you come across when doing the sport you love.

Eye care client Joe talks about how his sports glasses helped him through the challenge of a lifetime in the Sahara Desert. 

"Can I just say what a fantastic service and pair of glasses your Headingley branch provided me with off my recent 150 mile run in the Sahara desert called the Marathon Des Sables 

I wore them all the way and could appreciate the scenery all the more and they did not once steam up and protected my eyes from the glare of the sun especially in the sand dunes where the sun is known to reflect from the sand. 

Attached is a picture from the last day "charity stage" a 7.7k walk through the biggest sand dunes in the Sahara. 

Pass on my regards to your staff for all heir help in choosing and getting the glasses delivered on time for a crucial training camp in Tenerife. 

Many thanks."

Joe Holdsworth, Headingley

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