Boosting confidence with contact lenses: Chloe Darson from Huddersfield

It is amazing how many clients we see every week whose lives are changed for the better by contact lenses.

Whether you want to be able to play with your kids without worrying about breaking your glasses, or want the confidence to sing in front of an audience like our eye care client Chloe, learn how contact lenses can transform your life.
"My name is Chloe Darson and I came to Bayfields Opticians for an eye test, on my arrival the staff were polite and helpful and it wasn't long before I was seen.

Sunny, my optometrist, was thorough, informative and very friendly. During the eye test Sunny was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed in regards to glasses and even contact lenses. I explained I'd never tried contact lenses before as I was quite scared to try them, but would like to overcome my fear as I'd love to be able to go on stage and sing in front of people.

She was very reassuring and helpful and explained the benefits, as well as discussing the free trial with me. I opted for the free trial and each time I came the staff were patient and dedicated to helping me accomplish wearing contact lenses.

After many trials I was final able to put the contacts in and out, it was an outstanding achievement and I couldn't have done it without all the staff including Sunny, Jayne, Maria and Rob at Bayfields.

The first time I wore them for a singing gig was a huge confidence boost for me, as I was able to get up there with ease. I would like to thank everybody at Bayfields for there outstanding customer service and genuine care."

- Chloe Darson, Huddersfield

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