Dealing with retinal detachment: Chris Fowler from Leeds

Chris talking to Bayfields about retinal detachment
Retinal issues, such as a detachment or tear, can often be worrying. But, as eye care client Chris discovered, there is no need to be scared. Here at Bayfields we will guide you through the process and give you the best possible advice and care that we can. 

Learn more about Chris' journey and how he overcame his retinal issues with Bayfields.


"It is no cliche to say that eyesight is very precious. Time is of the essence with retinal issues. If in any doubt or if exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever, contact your optician immediately and truly, do not worry about the operational procedure you will face should a tear or detachment be diagnosed.


I hope it does not happen to you but if it does, do not worry, especially if you're with Bayfields - you're in safe hands! Bayfields Opticians provides an extremely professional, yet also friendly, fast, efficient and expert service. Bayfields staff and the clinicians at St. James' Hospital have ensured I have kept one of the most precious things imaginable - my ability to see. Thanks to all!"

- Chris Fowler from Leeds

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