Find your contact lens confidence

If you’re unsure if wearing contact lenses is right for you, don’t worry, we’ll take care of you throughout the whole process: from your eye care, to choosing the perfect lenses and teaching you how to apply and remove them, along with any after-care you might need.
Contact lenses give you freedom and flexibility. Whether you’re wearing them full-time or switching between glasses and lenses, we can find the right solution for you.

Many people think they’re unable to wear contact lenses or believe they aren’t the solution for them but in fact, 99% of people can wear them and have zero issues. We’ve fitted lenses to all different clients: from ages 18 months to 95 years, and all with different prescriptions and lifestyles. 

88% of contact lens wearers associate a sense of freedom,

confidence or adventure with contact lenses. 

Contact lenses might be right for you if...

  • you don’t want to wear glasses all the time
  • you want the option of swapping between contacts and glasses to suit your lifestyle
  • you want the flexibility of wearing any sunglasses you like (rather than just prescription ones)
  • you don’t want to be restricted when playing sport or exercising
  • you have an important event or holiday coming up and don’t want to wear glasses
  • you don’t want to wear reading glasses
  • you don’t like the feel of glasses on your face

We’ve partnered with CooperVision, the leading contact lens supplier,

to offer you a fantastic money back deal on silicone hydrogel lenses.

Try CooperVision silicone hydrogel contact lenses and if you sign up for your first 3 months’ supply you will receive £15 cashback!

Claiming your cashback is simple:
1. Try CooperVision silicone hydrogel contact lenses.
2. Buy your first 3  months’ supply.
3. Go to bayfields and complete your details.
4. Receive your £15 cashback.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is a maximum of one £15 cash back claim per person.
  • Purchase 6 boxes of 30 x Live® daily disposable, 6 boxes of 30 x clariti® 1 day contact lenses, 2 boxes of 3 x clariti®, or 2 boxes of 3 x Biofinity® contact lenses between 01/03/2020 and 31/08/2020.
  • Claims must be received by 2020.
  • To claim, visit the microsite, complete your details in the online claim form, enter the LOT number contained on the product packaging and upload a clear copy of the itemised till receipt/invoice from Bayfields UK residents only.
  • The cash back claim will then be paid by Paypal.
  • Open to those 18 years of age and above.
  • Purchase required.
  • Full terms and conditions and privacy policy can be found at