Do you find it increasingly difficult to feel safe when driving in conditions other than good daylight?

Glare from headlights and streetlights. Dark days, rain, fog. Having to switch between looking at the road and looking at your dashboard and mirrors. It can sap your confidence and make you feel less safe when you’re driving.
Some people struggle so much that they avoid driving in these conditions, which curtails their enjoyment of life.

Don’t let that be you. Upgrade to ZEISS DriveSafe lenses and regain your confidence.

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses make it so much easier to deal with glare, poor visibility and adapting your all-round vision when driving.

So, as the nights draw in and the weather turns grey, we’re offering FREE UPGRADES to ZEISS DriveSafe lenses until 31 December.

They’re available for both single-vision and varifocal glasses. And they come with Bayfield’s own 2-year satisfaction guarantee, too!

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How does ZEISS DriveSafe work?
These advanced lenses, from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, tackle 3 major visual challenges when driving:

1 – Low light
Your pupils expand and contract according to the light available. In low light and poor weather, your pupils are half-way between wide open and very small. This isn’t the optimum, and makes spatial and distance perception more difficult for drivers.
ZEISS DriveSafe lenses have been developed to offer more natural vision in all circumstances by taking into account both the changing light conditions and your corresponding pupil size.

2 – Glare
Glare can leave your eyes feeling scratchy and sore, and can dull your spatial perception and your reaction times.

It’s getting worse, too. Streetlights are brighter. New Xenon and LED headlights are also brighter, and bluer, than we’ve been used to. More traffic jams mean more time staring into the glare of red brake lights. It’s all even worse in the rain. And drivers aged 50+ can be particularly affected.
Thankfully, ZEISS DriveSafe manages your perception of glare, making driving safer and more comfortable.
3 – Complex visual tasks
Driving demands a lot of your eyes! You need to continually swap between different distances –cars around you, street signs, and the road ahead. You need good peripheral awareness, and at times you even turn your head to see behind you. And you’re also flicking your eyes between your instrument panel and your mirrors.
ZEISS DriveSafe can help. These lenses incorporate up to 43% more mid-distance vision (making it easier to switch focus between the dashboard and mirrors) and up to 14% more far-distance vision for a wider view of the road.

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