UVProtect lenses - Upgrade your child's lenses for FREE

80% of lifetime eye damage occurs when we’re children, and UV can play a big part in that. And yet it’s good for children to be outdoors, even though they may not bother with sunglasses (or may forget them, lose them or break them).

UV lenses are just as important a part of sun protection as sun cream – and you wouldn’t dream of skipping that. So we’re offering FREE upgrades to ZEISS UVProtect lenses in your child’s glasses..Make sure your child doesn’t miss out.


Fashionable glasses for children

Children’s glasses have never looked so good – or been so durable and resilient. We have a lot of fun trying them on and helping find the right pair. And with so much variety, children and young people can swap their looks around.
The designer glasses we carry include Lazer Junior, Whiz Kids, Pepe Jeans Junior, Ted Baker Junior, Ray-Ban Junior and more. Don’t forget, we can also recommend bendy glasses for sports, for those that live an active lifestyle or are simply a little more accident prone (or have you thought about contact lenses?).

The correct fit

Once your child or teenager has chosen a pair they love, we’ll make all the necessary adjustments to help ensure a comfortable fit. And as life can involve a bit of rough and tumble, don’t worry – you can bring your child’s glasses in as often as you like, and we’ll put them back to the way they were.

Insurance for children’s glasses

Children do things differently – on a skateboard, up a tree, or even upside-down on a climbing frame. But who wants to stop them being active and having fun? You’ll be relieved to know that the NHS makes a contribution to the replacement or repair of children’s glasses when they break, which could cover the whole cost of the lens and frames (if you bought high-end designer glasses, make a contribution towards the cost). Even better, we’ll handle all the paperwork for you.

Why not explore contact lenses?

Children’s contact lenses can make a good alternative to glasses, or getting both will give your child extra flexibility. Contact lenses can really help to boost the confidence of children and teenagers, and they can also be useful for sport and other activities.

Even small children can often be fitted with contact lenses. At Bayfields, our youngest contact lens client was just 18 months old.

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