Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas

Christmas is the time for making the most of those special moments and celebrating with those around you. Here at Bayfields, we want to make it that bit more special for you. 

We are giving all extra pairs of glasses purchased half price. Whether you need an extra pair for your daily activities or simply want to treat yourself this Christmas, we can save you the hassle. 

Whatever your extra pairs are for is up to you. But you’ll find them half price at Bayfields.

Make the most of our offer from December 1st-30th.

...Plus a £50 Amazon Voucher 


Even better, you will also receive a £50 Amazon Voucher when you make your purchase before the end of the 9th December. Spend as you wish, whether that be for yourself or your loved ones, the choice is endless.

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Terms & conditions

  • Purchase a pair of glasses at Bayfields and you will automatically be eligible for all extra pairs for half price.   

  • The All Extra Pairs Half Price offer will be available between 01.12.23 and 30.12.23 

  • Half Price offer is only available on all additional pairs purchased between 01.12.23 and 30.12.2023.  

    To take advantage of the All Extra Pairs offer: 

  • The most expensive pair of glasses must be paid for in full.  

  • Your half-price glasses must be worth the same as, or less than, your full-price pair. 

  • The lenses in all pairs must have the same prescription, so a distance lens and a distance lens. You cannot mix and match distance and near prescriptions within the offer. Only if the first pair is a varifocal, can you have either a distance or a near lens for any additional pairs. 

  • This offer is only available to customers over 16 and can't be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

    What is included in this offer: 

  • You can choose any frame for your first pair of glasses (however there are some restrictions on your additional pairs – see below for details) 

  • You'll need to choose ZEISS lenses for all pairs. Which is great news because they're excellent lenses. All other branded lenses are excluded from this offer. 

  • Tints and light reactive treatments to a ZEISS lens are included in this promotion 

    What is not included in this offer: 

  • All other brand lenses (that are not ZEISS) are excluded from this offer 

  • Reglazes are not includes. A reglaze is where new lenses are inserted into old or existing frames). 

  • Treatments to other lenses are not included. 

  • You can choose from lots of frames for your first pair, however the Cartier, Silhouette and Lindberg ranges aren't eligible for any additional pairs in this offer. 


  • The £50 Amazon voucher offer is available between 01.12.23 and 09.12.23. 

  • To be eligible for the £50 Amazon voucher you must have had an eye examination between 01.12.23 and 09.12.23, and have purchased additional pairs as part of the All Extra Pairs Half Price offer. 

  • The £50 Amazon voucher will be sent via email within 4 weeks of full payment of the spectacle purchase. 

  • To receive the £50 Amazon voucher you must have an email address registered with Bayfields. 

  • The All Extra Pairs Half Price and the £50 Amazon voucher offers cannot be used alongside any other offers.