Children's contact lenses

22 July
For children especially, wearing glasses can be quite a headache. They’re often all too easily lost or broken when living the life of an energetic and growing youngster.

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative for children. Offering better vision when playing or taking part in sport, removing the worry for breakages (we can hear your parental sighs of relief already!) and any sense of self-consciousness. Seems like a no brainer… However, many parents are cautious about the idea.

If you’re unsure, here’s a rundown of the key information you need to know in order to make the right decision on whether contacts lenses are the best option for your child’s eye health.

How old does my child need to be wear contact lenses?

In short, there’s no specific age restrictions on whether your child can wear contact lenses.

For the most part, the deciding factor is your child’s ability to take care of the lenses. Mostly, children are quick to learn the basics and manage extremely well. Often, it’s best that they are supervised by a parent or guardian whilst they get used to wearing their new contacts.

There’s no medical reason your child can’t have contact lenses. In certain circumstances it’s necessary for infants to be fitted with corrective lenses. At Bayfield’s the youngest contact lens client was just 18 months old!

Why would I want my child to wear contacts?

As we’ve touched on already, there are a number of benefits for both children and parents.

1. The freedom to play and get stuck into any activity is one of the biggest plus points for wearing contact lenses. Contacts also keep your child’s full field of vision in focus. This can make all the difference for the growth and development of children and help them excel even further at their favourite sports or pastimes.

2. Removing the risk of breaking or losing glasses also offers parents better piece of mind. As hardy as quality children’s glasses can be sometimes the rough and tumble of child-life can be too much!

3. It is, unfortunately, quite common for children to feel self-conscious when wearing glasses. It can lead to nervousness, shyness and a lack of confidence for some children, particularly around their peers. Wearing contact lenses is a great alternative to give a child an extra confidence boost, correcting their vision whilst allowing them to keep their natural appearance.

How can I get contact lenses for my child?

Book an eye examination appointment for your child today!
We can check your child’s eye health and make all the necessary recommendations for contacts lenses that suit your child’s needs.

If you’re due an examination yourself, we even offer one-hour parent and child appointments. Our expert optometrists will thoroughly check the eye health of both you and your child and while your being seen to, we’ll keep the little one entertained with games and activities.

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