Caring for your eyesight with Bayfields

Unfortunately, most people don't perceive a change in their sight until an eye condition is advanced. A Bayfields eye exam will give you complete peace of mind by identifying any potential concerns well in advance of them becoming a problem.
Much like a finger print, every eye is unique and Bayfields invests heavily in the very latest developments of technologies to ensure we can examine the intricacies of your eyes.

For details on the various technologies we use during eye examinations please consult the information below. 


Combining the technologies of a CT and ultrasound scan, the OCT takes a 3D scan of the back of the eye. This allows our Optometrists to look at the layers at the back of the eye and detect the early stages of potentially dangerous eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma before your vision is compromised.
Available at selected practices, book your eye test with OCT today.

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This scan gives the most comprehensive view of the health of the back of your eye. While most systems can only capture 10-15% of your retinal image, the Optomap obtains 80% in one panoramic pass. As a result, the high level of detail provided allows our dedicated Optometrists to detect, and therefore prevent, dangerous eye diseases before your vision is compromised.
Available at selected practices, book your eye test with Optomap today.


A healthy eye

Fundus photography

This ‘back of the eye imaging’ allows our Optometrists to literally create a photo timeline of your eyes, to map each of your eye’s individual life cycle and developing health conditions.

Corneal topography

Creates a 3-Dimensional map of your eye and forms part of both of our extensive and ever-evolving Bayfields Eye Examination and Contact Lens Fitting.

ZEISS i.Profiler

With only a handful in the UK, i.Profiler technology really is the next generation of eye screening, giving you the best vision possible – it’s the equivalent of the difference between standard and HD TV, representing one of the most exciting developments in vision correction in the last decade.
This innovative technique allows our Optometrists to measure your eyes independently of each other, recording irregularities and differences much more accurately and effectively.
We can then prescribe bespoke glasses and lenses for each eye, helping to significantly improve low-light vision, colour perception and night vision problems such as blur.
Bayfields offer this lens optimisation under the ZEISS brand "i.Scription® lenses" and has helped a significant number of our eye care clients, particularly with night time driving.

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