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We offer the highest standard of support when you’re choosing your new glasses. 
We’ll talk to you about your unique lifestyle and how, when and where you’ll wear your glasses. For example, we can offer frames which will bend (rather than breaking) for playing sport. And we’ll do all we can to accommodate special requests, whether that’s removing or replacing nose pads or tailoring rimless glasses for you. These high service levels are why we don’t sell glasses online!
Don’t forget, you can always ask us to clean, polish, or adjust/repair your glasses – for free, no matter how often, no matter where you bought them.

Choose the right frames

Choosing your frames is a big decision. If you’ve been wearing glasses for years, you may enjoy trying different looks or high-fashion and designer frames. If you’re new to glasses and a bit nervous, we can help you find the right glasses for your lifestyle, your face shape and your budget.
We have a huge range of frames. But if your local practice doesn’t have the ones you like, we’ll call one of our other practices and have it sent over for you.


Choose the right lenses

We can fit all kinds of lenses! Including single-vision, varifocal, bifocal, multifocal, tinted, reglazed, photochromic, UV or bespoke lenses. By partnering with ZEISS, the gold standard in precision lens technology, we can fit optically superior, thinner, flatter and lighter lenses. Plus, we take precise measurements using the latest digital technology, so your lenses are totally optimised for you.

Choose UV protection

All the time – even in winter, even when it’s overcast or when it’s raining – your eyes are exposed to harmful UV rays. This can damage your vision, cause eye health problems, and wrinkle the delicate skin around your eyes. So ask us to fit clear ZEISS UVProtect lenses – that’s year-round protection in a single pair of glasses.

Get the right fit

When your new glasses are ready, you’ll get a dedicated 15-minute appointment with a dispensing optician to ensure that your glasses sit comfortably and beautifully. Then we’ll give you a follow-up call a week later, just to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have any concerns at all, we’ll invite you to come back for another fitting appointment, at no extra charge.

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