UV can cause permanent damage

Your eyes are exposed to UV light in all seasons and in all weathers, which means they’re at risk even when it’s cloudy, rainy or snowy. So it’s not just a question of wearing sunglasses in summer.
Our eyes are even more sensitive to UV than our skin. Everyone knows to apply suncream to their skin, but few people realise just how much protection their eyes need – all year round.
UV exposure can lead to serious eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, growths on the eyeball, and painful ‘sunburn’ of the cornea. And since the skin around your eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the rest of your face, it’s particularly prone to premature ageing and wrinkling.

UVProtect lenses - 100% protection

Fitted to your glasses, ZEISS UVProtect lenses will filter out harmful UV rays and protect your eyes. And, since they’re clear, they’ll provide that protection all year round, in every weather.
  • For your new glasses, ask to be fitted with ZEISS UVProtect
  • For your current glasses, ask us to check if they offer enough UV protection. If not, we can fit ZEISS UVProtect lenses into your existing frames.
Only ZEISS-branded lenses include UV protective coatings as standard. And only Bayfields in the UK can offer you a 2-year

ZEISS is the gold standard for lenses

We’ve chosen to partner with ZEISS because they’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spectacle lenses.
All ZEISS-branded clear plastic lenses come with full UV protection to the level defined by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the World Health Organisation.
ZEISS lenses also have an extra anti-reflective layer on the back of the lens, reducing the indirect light reflected into the eye – thus doubling up on the protection offered by their UVProtect technology.
You only get one pair of eyes. Let’s take care of them.

ZEISS UV Lenses for Children

Children are at particular risk from UV damage to their eyes:
  • 80% of lifetime eye damage happens when we’re children
  • Children like to play outside (and we don’t want them to stop!)
  • They don’t tend to like wearing sunglasses, or they forget to wear them, or lose or break them
  • They don’t have any awareness of UV risks or how to take care of their eyes.
Protect your child’s eyesight by ensuring that their glasses are fitted with ZEISS UVProtect lenses. It means your child can play in the playground, walk home from school, play out – and do anything else outdoors – while fully protected against damaging UV rays. And the same glasses will protect them throughout the year, in any weather.


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