Choose the right frames

Choosing your frames is a big decision. Perhaps you’ve been wearing glasses for years and enjoy trying different looks, new trends and high-fashion frames. Or, if you’re new to glasses, people will notice you suddenly look different so you’ll want to make sure your new glasses really suit you.
Expert help with your choices

The good news is that we offer the highest standard of support when helping men, women and children to choose their glasses. Unlike many practices, where retail or administrative staff might help you, at Bayfields you’ll benefit from the support of a fully qualified clinician – either an optometrist or a dispensing optician – who is trained to fit the right glasses for every prescription and every client.
It’s really important to talk to us about your personal lifestyle and how/when you’ll wear your spectacles. For example, we can offer frames which will bend, rather than breaking, for sport.


What we care about is YOU...
  • Your prescription – not all lenses may suit your prescription
  • Your looks – your frames should suit the shape of your face, skin tone and hair colour; we use iPads to show you how you look
  • Your personality – do you prefer to look fashionable, fun, businesslike?
  • Your lifestyle – when will you wear your glasses, to do what, and how often?
  • Your activities – do you need glasses for reading? Or sport?
  • Your sensations – don’t like the feel of glasses on your face? We’ll suggest lightweight and/or adapted glasses or even contact lenses
  • Your preferences – we’ll suggest options for anti-reflective, hydrophobic or anti-static coatings
  • Your sunglasses we can offer polarised lenses which darken in bright light, or prescription sunglasses.
  • Your budget – we’ll find you great frames to suit your preferred price point.

Choose the right lenses

Lenses can vary hugely – and so they should, according to what they’re needed for. So we’ll talk to you about the best lenses for you, whether that’s single-vision, varifocal, bifocal, multifocal, tinted, reglazed, photochromic, UV or bespoke.
We choose to partner with ZEISS because we believe they represent the gold standard in precision lens technology – resulting in lenses which are not only optically superior but thinner, flatter and lighter.
Your satisfaction guarantee
We offer a UK-exclusive 2-year performance warranty on all our ZEISS lenses. So if you ever notice any problems* with a ZEISS DuraVision coating, just let us know and you’ll get a no-quibble replacement.

*Problems covered by our warranty include scratches, delamination (peeling away of the coating) or breakdown of any coating.

Bulgari glasses.

We’ll ensure your glasses fit perfectly

Everyone’s face is proportioned differently, and lots of people want their glasses to feel a certain way; for example, one of your ears may be a little higher than the other, or you may not like the feel of nosepads. That’s why Bayfields takes such great care over the fitting of your glasses.
We’ll make sure that your glasses are sitting right for both comfort and vision. Then, once you’re happy, we’ll give you a follow-up call a week later, just to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have any concerns at all, we’ll invite you to come back for another free glasses fitting appointment

  • Glasses fittings are always by appointment; this way, we can give you the full 15 minutes and ensure continuity with the same dispensing optician who helped you choose your frames
  • We have the full complement of in-house tools for adjusting and adapting your frames on the spot, so we can get them sitting perfectly
  • We’ll do everything we can to accommodate special requests, whether that’s removing or replacing nose pads, or tailor-making your rimless glasses
  • We will service, refit and clean any glasses for you – even if you didn’t get them from us.

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